Stroke Management In Ayurveda Way

Stroke is a medical emergency in which the blood flow to one or more areas of the brain, gets cut off or a blood vessel within the brain ruptures, causing brain cells to die out. The condition is extremely fatal affecting the face, limbs and trunk on one side or either sides of the body. Stroke is the commonest cause of mortality after coronary artery disease worldwide. Moreover, it is the commonest cause of chronic adult disability. The lifetime risk of stroke after 55 years of age is 1 in 6 for men and 1 in 5 for women. More than four-fifth of all stroke cases take place in developing countries.  At present, the stroke incidence in India is much higher than in western industrialized countries. Stroke is a sudden incident affecting the critical blood supply of the brain and more properly called a cerebrovascular accident (CVA). This could be a blood clot in the arteries supplying the brain (ischaemic stroke, similar to a heart attack but happening in the brain instead) or b